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In December 2016 Schizophrenia, the 2. Video of the Triloy is being filmed.

2016 Marburger directs the first video of his Trilogy about the borderline of the human psyche like Schizophrenia or Paranoia, subjects that can be found in Marburgers work time and again. The original title of Phobias (or the Anxieties of Abigail Jones) was changed to Danse Macabre (or the Anxieties of Abigail Jones)on the wishes of the (leading) actress.

In 2015 Marburger starts digitising his songs, videos and other projects and starts working on his books again, after the smoke resulting from the fire in his studio had destroyed his hard disks.

In Mai 2015 Marburgers long time friend G. Moser dies, who had run a private gallery with a considerable number of Marburgers art, and in whose house the artist had his second studio.
In July Marburgers mother dies, too, which leaves an enormopus void in his life.The website is closed down.

In 2012 the Studio is repaired, and the artist starts the task of renovationg the paintings, drawings and objects that can somehow be saved. He also produces more of his Automatioc Drawings.

13. Feb.2011 - The web site is published, specialising in the work of M. Marburger.

07. September 2010 HEP Iran, cancelled in 2009 because of Unruhen after the elections, opens at the Mosen Galerie In Teheran. Marburger shows his video “Proud”.

01.- 30. Juli 2010 Marburger takes part in
HEP 2010 Finland, at the Culture Center Laaksola in Toijala

08. Juli - When a fire breaks out in his studio, Marburger suffers serious burns on both hands.
A number of mostly new paintings are destroyed by the flames.

07. Mai – 15. Mai 2010 Marburgers videos "Proud" and "Agonized" are screened during HEP - “Faces” at the Sapinho Cultural Centre in Benedita Alcobaca in Portugal.

30. April 2010 - "Proud" is screened at HEP 2010 Switzerland in the Rue de Geneva 1 in Geneva.

17. January - 14. March 2010 - "Proud" is screened at HEP 2010 China at the "Beijing Contemporary Art Centre" in Beijing.

14. Nov - 12. Dec. 2009 - "Proud" screened at the Portuguese Bookshop Gallery in Macau, China

06. Nov. - 31. Dec. 2009 - M. Marburger participates in
sguardi sonori, the "Festival for Media and time based art" in Benevento in Italy.

August 29 - Sept 26. 2009 - "Agonized" shown in Sweden, at the Formverk Art Zone

May 16. 2009 - Video "Agonized" screened at HEP 2009 Portugal, at the Museo Ceramico in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

April 17. 2009 - Video "Agonized" screened at HEP 2009 SPAIN at "LaSala" in Cigüñuela, Spain

April 4. 2009 - M.Marburgers Video "Proud" screened at HEP 2009 Italy, at Brancaleone, Roma, Italy

February 26. 2009 - 2 videos ("Proud" and "Agonized") by M. Marburger are screened at the opening of HEP 2009 at the Guildford Lane Gallery in Melbourne / Australia

January 2009 M.Marburger finishes 2 short videos for HEP (Human Emotion Project) 2009 with the titles "Proud" and "Agonized"

August - September 2008 - Manfred Marburger has preliminary talks with his long time friend, the Austrian Guitarist Gunter Seelig about reworking some of his recordings.

August 2008 - Manfred Marburger is invited by Alison Williams to participate in HEP 2009 (Human Emotions Project 2009)

January 2008 - The website is published:

November 2007 - A Perpetual Calendar with images of Manfred Marburgers work is published in Austria

2006 - 2007 - Manfred Marburgers Bronzebust " Condom King" is exhibited in the gallery "Kunst und Handel" in Graz /Austria and the "Bloxham Gallery" in London/England.