Photograph of the artist
Writing - Condom King
Photograph of Condom King Bronze looking to the left

An idol of our time

The 45 cm high head stares into emptiness with hollow eyes and a wide open mouth. At once clueless and omniscent it embodies various points of view and in doing so becomes a symbol of our times.
Photograph of Condom King Bronze, looking to the right

The first time the idea for my „Condom King“ entered my head was in London, when I was working on a series of paintings dealing with „landscapes“ of this metropolis that has become my second home.
When I use the word "landscapes" in this context, it is to be taken with a pinch of salt. One cannot truly regard the paintings of various areas, where the night leaves syringes, alu foil with leftovers of Heroin and used condoms, as landscape paintings in the conventional sense.
I would like to point out though, that I am not talking of remote shooting galleries or backyards of bordellos, but of childrens playgrounds, public parks and parking lots, especially the depressing areas of totally build up council estates, where one is surrounded by concrete as far as one can see.
To make these architectural nightmares more "liveable" for humans, statues of politicians (eg Churchill) or abstract artefacts are errected only to wither away over time or at best be "decorated" in garish colours by local graffiti artists.
And that gave me my first idea for the Condom King:
Why not a statue or figure directly connected with todays life (or death).

Not only is the number of unplanned or unwanted pregnancies still far too high (in some statistics they even rise), STDs (sexually transmitted deseases) seem to be "on the up" as well; so there is no reason, at least not since the advent of AIDS, to NOT publically point out the advantages of contraceptives and „safe sex“.
That is, thank goodness, more or less happening via the popular media. But a giant head made of condoms could become a monument or sign of our time and my "King" could additionally serve as a guidepost to the future.


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